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Earth Art

"For the Beauty of the Earth,..." as the old song goes.

This is indeed our favorite planet - so far. As one customer said, "It's where I keep all my stuff!"

To celebrate this beautiful Earth of ours, we are pleased to offer the following products, all made in the United States:

bulletThe Earth Marble
bulletThe Earth Pendant
bulletThe Earth Necklace
bulletThe Earth Zipper Pull
bulletThe Earth Key Ring
bulletThe Earth Earrings
bulletThe Earth Ornament
bulletThe Earth Mug

Please click the images to view ordering information.
Images are not to scale.

The Earth Marble

Made of clear blue, re-cycled glass, this palm-sized planet can be your pleasant, tactile reminder of our home. Available in  natural colors as seen from space. 22mm diameter.

The Natural Earth Marble

The Earth Pendant

Our beautiful Natural Earth Marble also comes on a 24" endless stainless steel chain to allow it to be worn as a Pendant.

The Natural Earth Marble on a stainless steel chain.

The Earth Necklace

Also made of clear blue, recycled glass, this necklace is astonishingly detailed. Available in either 22K gold continents or natural colors as seen from space. 13mm diameter globe on 24" gold fill chain. (Check out the matching earrings below.)


The Gold Earth Necklace
22K Gold
The Natural Earth Necklace
The Earth Zipper Pull

Lookin' sharp on your jacket, backpack or "wear" ever. This hefty 13mm globe accessory helps keep your global awareness at your fingertips.

The Nifty Little Earth Zipper Pull.
Zipper Pull
The Earth Key Ring

How cool is this? Our 22mm Natural Earth Marble on a sturdy key ring with silver-plated findings.

The Little Earth Key Ring.
Key Ring
The Earth Earrings

Just too chic. The same 13mm diameter globes as our matching Earth Necklace and also available in either 22K gold continents or natural colors as seen from space. Both are on gold fill findings.

The Gold Earth Earrings
22K Gold
The Natural Earth Earrings
The Earth Ornament

Not just for hanging on the tree, this 65mm blue glass sphere looks great hanging anywhere. Once again, available in either 22K gold continents (not shown) or natural colors. Spectacular detail.


The Natural Earth Ornament
Natural (shown) or 22K gold

"Let there be Peace on Earth ..."

As a special treat, we also offer our Earth Ornament with the word "Peace" in ten different languages around the world in 22K gold (not available in white as shown).

Both sides of the Natural Earth Ornament with "Peace"
Showing both sides.
Natural only
The Earth Mug

This world class mug is just outstanding. OK. Because of the 22K gold continents you can't put it in the dishwasher or the microwave, but its translucent beauty and generous size will make up for all that. Surely one of the most beautiful mugs you'll ever get a grip on.

The Earth Mug