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World Geography Card Games

Our World Wise™ card games offer an exciting and educational experience for 2 to 8 players, from 9 years old to senior citizens.

No matter how much or how little geography you know, you can be equally competitive and have a lot of fun with these great, fast moving games. Super for serious geography buffs, classroom environments or just a fun evening at home.

Each edition contains a map of the region and a deck of oversized cards. There is a card for each country in the region and one or more cards for each body of water bounding the region. Additionally, there are "wild cards" and "super wild cards". Each player must play a card whose geographic location shares a boundary with the card that was last played. Bluffing and using wild cards add strategy to the play.

Instructions are both in Spanish as well as English. Additionally, for the Americas Edition, the name of the countries and bodies of water are given in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese, the four official languages of the Organization of American States.


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The Americas Edition of the World Wise game.
The European Edition of the World Wise game.
The African Edition of the World Wise game.
The Asian Realm Edition of the World Wise game.

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