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Volume 2 Number 1




Big Changes

We finally closed all the stores. Now all sales are made via our website or at special events where we occasionally exhibit. To see where we'll be exhibiting next, check our Exhibit Schedule.

Other Lands sign being removed.
Coming down!

Free parking! Casual dress! Our new hours are 24/7/365!

We also moved our base of operations from Corbett OR to Clackamas, just south of Portland. (For our local customers, within 10 miles or so, we can make arrangements for special pick ups. Our local number: 503.698.3866.)

Tidbits Regarding :

The Two? Flags of Scotland

The Saltire The Rampant Lion

The following information was provided in 2002 by the Scottish Parliament Public Information Service:

... It is important to note that the Scottish Parliament can only legislate on devolved matters and that Scotland is not an independent country ... However ...THE SALTIRE is the official Scottish flag, the flag of St Andrew, patron saint of Scotland. The court of the Lord Lyon states, “Blue with a white or silver diagonal cross reaching to its edges, this is the correct flag for all Scots or Scottish corporate bodies to fly to demonstrate their loyalty and their Scottish nationality.”

There is a second flag which is associated with Scotland, the “Rampant Lion”, or Royal Flag of Scotland. Strictly speaking, the Royal Flag of Scotland should only be used by the monarch in relation to her capacity as Queen in Scotland.

Basically then, the Saltire (or St Andrew's Cross - say sal-teer') is the national flag of Scotland and the Rampant Lion is the Royal flag.

Please recall that we have over 250 different flags in stock in many sizes.

Tartan Day Parade, Bend OR, April 12, 2003

The Purrsonal Corner

Lacey, the smALL FLAGs mascot!

Seem as though our Keyrings make fun cat toys!

Some of our newer items

It's been a while since we've published The News so we thought we'd try to keep you up-to-date on some of the cool things we've found for you to express yourself with flags.

Boy, we've added lots of new designs to our regular line-up of Flag Patches and Shield Patches, and now we've even added two new types of patches: the Rectangle Patch and the Mini Patch.

We've even found some new types of flags that wave for you: our Poly Flags are now available in 2x3' size and we've found even more sets of our popular Flag Strings.

Earth Art
There's lots more we'll save for upcoming issues, but we just have to mention our new line of marbles, jewelry and ornaments celebrating our home planet.

 Not Just for Kids

Can you name this State?Why not have a little fun while you're learning? Alternatively, why not learn a little something while you're playing?

With our TerraCarta™ USA playing cards you can do both: have fun and learn about the States of the Union. Check 'em out!

10% discount offer/quiz

The flag of *******

Take 10% off any purchase made during the month of August 2003 by mentioning this offer/quiz and the name of the country represented on our lapel pin above.

If you’re calling in your order, just mention this country; if you’re ordering online, enter the country name in the comments area on the order page and we’ll happily calculate your discount.

This offer is exclusive of any other offers and does not include Shipping and Handling charges.


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