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Both kinds

Remember the movie, "The Blues Brothers"? When they asked at the cowboy bar what kind of music the folks there liked, the reply was, "Oh, we like both kinds: We like Country and Western!"

Well, we were exhibiting in a small town's Celtic Festival once and inquired at the pizza parlor what kinds of beer they had there and the woman replied "We've got both kinds: We've got Bud and Bud Light!"

So this is just a reminder that we do both kinds of exhibitions: Educational and ethnic events. Here we were at the annual NAFSA convention this year.

 NAFSA 2003
(Those bright lights on the board behind us are our reflective decals in the flash.)

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Tidbits Regarding :


The Flag of Denmark.   The Flag of the Faroe Islands.   The Flag of Finland.
The Flag of Iceland.   The Flag of Norway.   The Flag of Sweden.
(Not to correct proportions.)

What do the above flags have in common? Yes, it's that horizontal cross, said to be representative of the Lutheran influence in these northern countries. If you hold your mouse over one of the images, we'll show you which country it is. Try to guess first! (OK one of them is not actually a country, but a possession of Denmark. However, it has a cool flag and balances out our little display.)

As usual, there's more to these designs than we can relate here, but it may give you an incentive to do a little research on your own.

Please recall that we have over 250 different flags in stock in many sizes and remember when looking at a flag of "Denmark" to distinguish it from the flag of Switzerland!

The Flag of Switzerland.

The Personal Corner

Car Grill Badges on Jim's truck.

At a recent Highland Games where we were exhibiting, a friend drove up with two of our new Car Grill Badges. That's Ireland on the left and Scotland on the right. Don't they add a nice, finishing touch to a beautiful truck?

Newer items

Our Scottish Kitchen Set. Think Haggis!
The Kitchen Sets
Available in nine different designs.

What a swell idea! A flag apron with matching oven mitt and hot pad. What will we think of next?

10% discount offer/quiz

Mini Patch of *****.

Take 10% off any purchase made during the month of October 2003 by mentioning this offer/quiz and the name of the flag represented on our Mini Patch above.

If you’re calling in your order, just mention this offer; if you’re ordering online, enter the flag name in the comments area on the order page and we’ll happily calculate your discount.

This offer is exclusive of any other offers and does not include Shipping and Handling charges.


Did you know that Denmark is the oldest, continually reigning monarchy in the world?


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