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Year-end wrap-up

2003 was truly a “building year” for us here at smALL FLAGs. We introduced more new products than any year of our history. We exhibited at more new events than any one year ever. We increased our staff, our computing power, our mailing lists. We reached out to more new customers in more new countries and states than ever before. We streamlined procedures for faster and better service. We strengthened our relationships with both our suppliers and you, our loyal customers.

But don’t think we’re going to be resting on our laurels. For the upcoming year we have even more ambitious plans. We already have several new products waiting “in the wings” for you. We’re working on plans to improve your shopping experiences and offer you more value in exploring our website. We also plan to reach an even greater number of globally conscious individuals.

 We know you have a choice in shopping online. At smALL FLAGs we’re doing more and more to show you that we value your confidence in us. We appreciate you and would love to hear your ideas about how we can help add to your understanding and appreciation of this wonderful planet of ours and the people who populate it.

Tidbits Regarding :

Flag construction terminology: The “flying edge” of a flag is the edge that flaps in the breeze. On our heavy-duty outdoor-quality NylGlo flags, the flying edge is quadruple-lock-stitched to prevent fraying. The “hoisting edge” is the edge that goes next to the flag pole. Our larger flags have solid brass grommets on their hoisting edge, but we can get them specially made for you with “sleeves” on the hoisting edge to slip over the end of a pole. Please contact us for special orders.

The flag of Latvia. The flag of Estonia. The flag of Lithuania.

Incidentally, the “Baltic States”, made up of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania, never officially recognized their “incorporation” into the Soviet Union, but rather, kept “governments in exile” here in the US after succeeding  from the Soviet regime in 1991. Of course all the members of the CIS have their own independent flags.

The Personal Corner

Emma Johanna Snawder

No, it's not the New Year, it's our newest granddaughter wearing one of our new bibs. It says, "Made in America with German Parts". Too cute not to share.


Probably not you, dear reader, but occasionally folks have some confusion on some issues, such as:

Although most everyone knows that there’s no more USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, also known as the “Soviet Union”), some folks don’t seem to be clear on the fact that there still is (and may well always be) a Russia. And it’s still the largest country in the world, although not as large as the continent of Africa despite how it looks on several map projections. Most all of the former member states of the USSR (including Russia) are now known collectively as the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States). (See "Factoids".)

10% discount offer/quiz

The flag of *****.

Here’s an easy one for you. It’s the only non-rectangular national flag. Take 10% off any purchase made during the month of January 2004 by mentioning this offer/quiz and the name of this flag.

If you’re calling in your order, just mention this offer; if you’re ordering online, enter the flag name in the Comments Area on the order page and we’ll happily calculate your discount.

This offer is exclusive of any other offers and does not include Shipping and Handling charges.

Last Month's Offer/Quiz Answer:
The state of Arizona. Yes, we carry state flags as well.


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