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Volume 3 Number 6




Ah, Technology ...

... is sometimes not all it's cracked up to be! Last month the shopping cart on our website was pretty dysfunctional. From May 5th till the 13th, we could receive no orders! Some customers even received confirmations of orders that we did not receive. What a mess. Things are not quite back to normal (it only works most of the time), but if you placed an order between those dates and have not yet received your products, please contact us via email or our toll-free phone number, 800.993.3210. We'll get right on it.

Speaking of which ...

To heighten your secure shopping experience, we have recently acquired our own dedicated SSL Server Certificate of security. Your information has always been secure, now it is even more so. You can view our new certificate by clicking or double clicking on the little padlock or key on any screen that follows our "Finalize My Order" selection. What does this mean to you? Only that we care about your security because we appreciate you. Thanks.

"Flag Facts"

In recognition of Flag Day this month (June 14th), we thought we'd pay a little tribute to the Red, White and Blues.

The flag of the United States.
The flag of Malaysia. The flag of Liberia.
The flag of Costa Rica. The flag of Thailand.
The flag of Cuba. The flag of Puerto Rico.
The flag of the Czech Republic. The flag of the Philippines.
The flag of the Netherlands. The flag of Luxembourg.
The flag of Russia. The flag of Yugoslavia.
The flag of Chile. The flag of Texas. (Just for fun.)

Remember: These are not all of the flags that use red, white and blue in mostly horizontal designs, but you get the idea.

You can see the names of these flags by holding your mouse over the image, but you might want to try guessing before you peek.

The Personal Corner

The Air Show Blues van window with decals.A customer recently sent us a link to a page on his website that shows how they use our Reflective Auto Decals on their van. He signed his email, "A happy customer!" How nice is that?

If you'd like to see your picture here, just drop us an email. Remember to stay in touch!


A customer recently asked for a flag pin of Moldavia. She was interested to know that what was originally a part of the greater region of Moldavia (one of the principalities that made up Romania) is now known as Moldova. Moldova encompasses what was until August 1991 the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic, and is located between Romania and Ukraine.

A citizen is called a Moldavian as is the language, though the latter is virtually the same as the Romanian language.

Compare these two flags:

Flag of Romania. Flag of Moldova.

Of course, smALL FLAGs carries both flags in several sizes.

10% discount offer/quiz

The flag of **********.

Take 10% off any purchase made during the month of June 2004 by mentioning this offer/quiz and the name of this flag.

If you’re calling in your order, just mention this offer; if you’re ordering online, enter the flag name in the Comments Area on the order page and we’ll happily calculate your discount.

This offer is exclusive of any other offers and does not include Shipping and Handling charges.

Last Month's Offer/Quiz Answer:
Another "phonetically fun" country, as was the month before, and also from the South Pacific, last month's flag was from Palau.

The Olympics 2004 official logo. Just a reminder: The Olympics begin in August in Greece, where it all started. Cheer on your favorite teams and keep up-to-date.



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