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Volume 4 Number 2




Settling In

It must be official now. Since moving to Oregon City (first reported here in The News, Volume 3 Number 7), we finally moved our PO Box and got new cards printed up.

Presenting our new card "properly", with two hands.

The USPS will continue to forward mail addressed to our old PO for a year, but we wanted to give all our loyal readers a head's up.

You may also notice the Copyright date, address and phone numbers are updated on the bottom border of nearly all 350 or so pages of our website.

Star "Factoids"
Part II

Last month we began introducing you to some flags that had a single star on them. This month we'll look at some multiple-star flags. You're sure to know at least one or two of these.

(Again, try to guess the flag before moving the cursor over the images.)

The United States of America (as if you didn't know) Cape Verde
Comoros Democratic Republic of the Congo
Grenada Honduras
Iraq Panama
São Tomé & Principe Solomon Islands

Once again, this isn't all of the multiple- star flags, there's still more to come, but like last month, note the orientation of all of these five-pointed stars. Stay tuned to this Bat Channel for more on stars next month.



Personally Yes! It's a five-pointed star!

Whether we're shipping table flags to the Sons of Italy in Ohio at the last minute or giant flags to Australia Week in Los Angeles; whether we're learning about "estate" addresses to ship to in the Virgin Islands or receiving compliments on our prompt service to Sweden, all of us here at smALL FLAGs are honored to serve such a wide ranging representation of humanity. Thank you for your business. We really do appreciate you.

Hot New Product!

We're really excited about our new 12x18" Poly flags on a stick. We think they nicely fill a niche between our table flags and the larger 2x3' and 3x5' flags. They're great for RVs or large floral arrangements and more designs are coming soon. So please check back often or, just let us know what you'd like. You just might be surprised. Cool flags from smALL FLAGs on one cool RV.

How cool are these?

10% discount offer/quiz

The flag of ********.

Take 10% off any purchase made during the month of February 2005 by mentioning this offer/quiz and the name of this flag.

If you’re calling in your order, just mention this offer; if you’re ordering online, enter the flag name in the Comments Area on the order page and we’ll happily calculate your discount.

This offer is exclusive of any other offers and does not include Shipping and Handling charges.

Last Offer/Quiz Answer:
Following the South American trail, last month's flag was from that small country nestled between Brazil and Argentina: Uruguay.



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