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Disasters Happen

Here's a tip: backup your email files. "It couldn't happen here," doesn't work. Here at smALL FLAGs, the brand-new mother board fried in our main computer. Having the board replaced was relatively simple, but it required re-installing the operating system, which required re-formatting the hard drive, re-installing all the software, etc. To cut to the punch line, we lost all email for about eight months. So, Dear Reader, if you were expecting some correspondence and wondering what's up, please ask again.

Forewarned is forearmed. Be assured that we now have adequate backup systems installed. Do you?

Just the FAQs

Please take a look at our new FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page. It just might save you some time and make your browsing experience more fun.


The question has come up as to in which order the flags of the US Armed Services should be properly displayed. The regulation that directs this is Department of Defense Directive 1005.8; Order of Precedence of Members of Armed Forces of the United States When in Formations, dated 31 October 1977.

Beyond the fascinating history, here's the simple answer: protocol prescribes that under normal circumstances, the flags and seals of the various branches should be displayed thusly:

1. Army
2. Marines
3. Navy
4. Air Force
5. Coast Guard


Last Offer/Quiz Answer:
Last issue's beautiful flag was that of the tiny country of Liechtenstein.

The Personal Corner

Bermuda Day Parade

Bermuda Day is celebrated each May 24th. Here some happy people wave a few hundred of our 12x18" flags in their annual parade. Looks like great fun!

Featured item

The smALL FLAGs Mini Banner What is it about these little Mini Banners that makes them so popular? They're just so cute and can be display just about anywhere. Use the included plastic suction cup and string to hang them on any smooth flat surface or off of just about anything handy. There are nearly 200 designs available!

10% discount offer/quiz

The flag of ********.

Take 10% off any purchase made through the end of October, 2008 by entering the name of this flag in the "Coupon Code" field of the Checkout Page of your order. Coupon Codes are case sensitive, so please enter this one in all caps.

If you’re phoning or emailing in your order, just mention the answer to this quiz and we’ll happily calculate your discount.

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