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Volume 8 Number 1





Just a cool image. Real estate. Stocks. Automobiles. Luxury items. Times are tough for many sectors of trade all over the world.

But patriotism is not about economics: it's in large part about the symbols that represent and speak to those otherwise incommunicable emotions which tie us to heritage and culture.

We're concerned about the current global financial situation, and hope that you, Dear Reader, are managing to weather the storm. We also sincerely appreciate the trust you place in us in continuing to provide those symbols to which we necessarily cling.

We at wish you and yours the very happiest of New Years.

Over the Edge
with Border Control

You may be aware that we sell patches. Lots and lots of patches. Here's a little explanation of the differences of the borders.

.Showing the merrowed edge of one of the Rectangle Patches available from your smALL FLAGs store.

All our Rectangle Patches and Shield Patches have "merrowed" edges. This consists of a type of stitching around the perimeter of the patch, designed to prevent fraying.

Merrowed edges are also called Overedge Stitch, Overlock Stitch or Rolled edges

Both our Mini Patches and Flag Patches have "hot cut" borders, cut with a knife or laser.

This technique is also called Flat Edge or Schiffli Edge

A close-up of the edge of one of the Mini Patches available from your smALL FLAGs store.

A close-up of the edge of one of the Flag or Cut-Out Patches available from your smALL FLAGs store.

Our Midsize Patches look as though they are merrowed, but actually they are hot cut - very precise.

A close-up of the edge of one of the Midsize Patches available from your smALL FLAGs store.

Regardless of their edges, all of our patches have heat-sensitive "iron on" backing which may also be sewn on.

Other Flag News

As 2009 will be our state's 150th birthday (Oregon's sesquicentennial), a local paper is having a design contest to come up with a new flag. Here are a couple of links: One from the paper promoting the contest and one from a blog site taking an opposing position. There's much more available on this subject on the web. What do you think?

Blanketing the World

How cute am I? So we took our new Fleece Flag Blankets over to show the grandsons.
Of course they loved them; so soft and cuddly - the blankets of course.


And guess who liked them as well ...

Me too!

Other New items!

Here are just a few more wonderful things your store has added for you recently:

We've included five new designs of stands for your desk flags.
The tall gold plastic flag base for 1 4x6" desk flag from your smALL FLAGs store. The walnut wood flag base for 1 4x6" desk flag from your smALL FLAGs store.
Showing the design of our 40" Windsocks available from your smALL FLAGs store. A new line of 40" deluxe windsocks with a total of twenty-five new designs!

... and, a couple of really beautiful pole sets!

One of the  6' aluminum flag pole sets available from your smALL FLAGs store.

Boy! We've been busy!

10% discount offer/quiz

The flag of ******.

Take 10% off any purchase made through the end of January, 2009 by entering the name of this flag in the "Coupon Code" field of the Checkout Page of your order. Coupon Codes are case sensitive, so please enter this one in all caps. Hint: despite variations, just use the single common word to identify the flag.

If you’re phoning or emailing in your order, just mention the answer to this quiz and we’ll happily calculate your discount.

This offer is exclusive of any other offers and does not include Shipping and Handling charges.

Last Offer/Quiz Answer:
Last issue's flag was that of the country of Pakistan.

Late Breaking News

Just in the time since we started this newsletter, our busy elves have added nearly a dozen new Midsize Patches. Check 'em out.


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