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Celebrating Diversity and Heritage through Recognition of Symbols

Learn more about our Mission and Policies

Thanks for visiting this site. It works fine (especially for smALL orders), considering it was built over eleven years ago! However, to see a more modern version of many of our products (flags and patches especially), please visit our "sister site",

Some advantages to the new site:

bulletCompletely optimized for all your mobile devices,
bulletAbility to order multiple products from the same page, (very handy for ordering a larger variety of styles of the same type of product),
bulletQuantity discounts automatically calculated,
bulletAn actual "Continue Shopping" button which this site lacks, and
bulletOne of the best searching abilities for flag products in the world! (Try entering "Celtic" or "Scandinavian" or "Hoosier"!)


Click here to go directly to the
Flags Products index page
on the current site.

smALL FLAGs proudly offers the Flags of every country in the world as well as every State in the Union, all Canadian Provinces, Military Branches and other ethnic and religious entities in many different sizes. And not just the kind that wave: From pins and patches to umbrellas and sunglasses, we have an amazing array of products with flags on them. We also carry some fun geographic materials such as Maps, Games, Puzzles and Earth Art.

This site is organized into two different "views" you may use depending on your shopping style.

No, we don't sell this framed picture. It's just here to provide a pretty link to the Flags Product index page of your smALL FLAGs store. Our traditional website we call the showcase site (where you are now). It has products organized by type, with lots of helpful information about each type of product. There are lots of pictures and a friendly feel throughout. Browse around. Ready to find out more about the pricing of an item or to begin your purchasing? The detail product links in the showcase site will transfer you to our shopping site.
The Shopping Site of your smALL FLAGs store Our shopping site is based on our no-nonsense shopping cart. (You may also enter our shopping cart directly from here.) Here, you may browse anonymously or sign in to your own private account to make purchases, keep a wish list, save a shopping cart, track your orders and more. Search our vast database of products by country, type or category. Of course your security and satisfaction are our highest concerns.

These pages offer a delightful resource for citizens of the world of all ages. We encourage you to explore and enjoy! Thanks for visiting.

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